Mini Red Bean Swiss Rolls

Here’s a super easy dessert that I have made a couple times recently – little bite-size rolls filled with sweet red bean paste (azuki).

an rolls

Azuki is a very popular Japanese favorite, used as fillers, toppings, puddings, etc. in all sorts of desserts. It tastes a lot like chocolate, but it’s a fantastic vegan option because it also has high nutritious value.  I always make my own at home (recipe here), but you can also buy it pre-made at most Asian grocery stores.

There’s a place nearby that sells specialty breads of all kinds, and they sell packages of the ends of the loaves at a reduced price. (You just have to get there at the right time because they sell really quickly!) A lot of the breads they have are quite sweet, so they’re perfect for desserts. All I do is take these slices of bread crust, spread some azuki on, and roll it up and slice it into bite-size pieces. Way too easy, but it’s healthy and tastes great!


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