Plum Daikon Salad

I recently got another parcel from my uncle and aunt in Japan (so happy!) and this time there were various kinds of dried sweet potato and a couple packages of umeboshi (pickled plum). The potatoes come in long chewy strips, a bit like fruit leather, and make a great snack.

These particular umeboshi are a quite rare regional specialty – typically, umeboshi are fairly small, but these guys are a bit bigger than a golf ball! I have been dicing them up and using them to flavour my daikon (white radish) salad…it also gives it this really pretty pink colour.

quinoa chutney bowl

For dinner, I had the pickled daikon with a bowl of quinoa salad, topped with my fresh homemade salsa! The daikon dish is super easy to make. I just shred up a whole raw white radish, add in a bit of dried kombu (seaweed) pieces and the diced up umeboshi, and then mix this all in with some Japanese sushi vinegar (this tastes much sweeter and less sharp than your standard vinegar). You can eat it right away, or if you let it sit for a couple days, all the flavours really blend together nicely.

In the quinoa salad, I added in sprouted lentils and finely chopped tomatoes, firm tofu, celery, orange bell pepper, dried kombu, and a bit of tahini.

japan parcel


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