Fresh Meyer Lemon Salsa

Hello =)

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last visited my blog!

I have been so occupied with settling into the new hectic pace of grad school that my food diary has gotten completely pushed off to the side…I feel so guilty! But, now summer’s here and I’m determined to get things rolling again. Especially now that all the fresh fruits and veggies are out.

So, I’m going to redeem myself with some shots of the salsa I made the other night!


chutney plate

I had an assortment of veggies lying around, so this salsa was just a random spur-of-the-moment creation, but it came out beautifully. It’s made up of finely chopped tomatoes, cilantro, red onions, orange bell pepper, Meyer lemon, baby spinach, and garlic, plus a scoop of  ground chili pepper, some salt, and black pepper.

My arm is sore from all the chopping, but other than that, it was really easy and totally worth it!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Meyer Lemon Salsa

    1. hi =)
      haha thanks!! I’ve been wanting to get back to my blog for so long. It’s always been a fantastic little escape from the craziness of school.

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