Holiday Feast…with Vegan Gravy!

I hope everyone had an amazing winter holiday!

This was the second Christmas and New Years since I went vegan, and just like last year, I didn’t even think twice about the traditional turkey dinners I had as a kid. For Christmas, I cooked up my own meatless version of a holiday dinner with veggies, stuffing, potatoes, rye bread, vegan ham, and some gravy made with a vegetable base.

christmas dinner4

The veggie gravy is especially becoming a huge favorite of mine! I just use the water reserved after steaming vegetables, then mix in a scoop of veggie soup stock with black pepper and a bit of starch, then heat it until it thickens.

For a great snack, I also served up these soy-based cocktail weiners made by Ten-In, and some pickled artichokes.


All in all, the meals this holiday season all went down really well, plus there was none of the greasy dishes to wash up. (…and I also discovered that brussels sprouts are actually really really good!)


11 thoughts on “Holiday Feast…with Vegan Gravy!

    1. Thanks 😀 Yeah I discovered Ten-In last year and I’m addicted haha
      They make a whole bunch of awesome vegan goodies – hoping to make a post on some more of their products soon!

    1. haha thanks 🙂 Yeah I just bought those plates the other day – I have a whole bunch of stainless steel dishes…stops me from breaking them XD

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