My First Vegan Doughnut!

Time and time again, I’m getting pleasantly surprised by how the world seems to be quickly getting really vegan-friendly. I went to my grad school orientation the other day, not sure what I’d be able to eat at breakfast or the lunch BBQ…but the university pulled through. Vegan chocolate doughnuts and burgers! Amaaazing!


7 thoughts on “My First Vegan Doughnut!

    1. aw haha I was hoping my title wouldn’t be misleading =P
      I wish I could make my own doughnuts! That would be fun. But yeah this was such a great surprise – free vegan food! I went to the same event a few years back and it was pepperoni pizza. The world is changing 🙂

      1. It is indeed! Us vegans are not so isolated anymore. Love it! 😀 Isn’t it so easy to be vegan nowadays?

    1. Yeah they’re delicious! And of course not fried or anything so not too unhealthy either =P
      I always wanted to try out vegan doughnuts, but who knew I’d stumble across a whole table of them right on campus!

  1. I have a great recipe for home-made vegan dounghnuts in my book called: vegan Junk food from Lane Gold. with 3 different toppings! ISBN-13:978-1-4405-2897-2 It is a great vegan book full with sinful vegan junk food! A really tasty book!

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