Homemade Blackberry Jam!

I just made some more blackberry jam and this time I removed the seeds and added in some apples so it came out really sweet and smooth.

I started with fresh blackberries, but I froze them overnight because then a lot of the juice comes out as they defrost. I strained out the remaining juice from the berries using a colander until I had about 3 cups of juice. Then I added in 4 small cored and sliced apples, and about a 1/2 cup of sugar. Then I just put it all in a little pot on the stove at medium heat and stir it continuously until the volume decreases to about two thirds. That’s all there was to it! The apples help it thicken up quite nicely, so there’s no need to add in any pectin at all.

…And I finally remembered to take my camera with me this time when I went down to the creek so that I could take some photos of the berries before I pick them!



10 thoughts on “Homemade Blackberry Jam!

    1. haha thanks, yeah I love these little jars 🙂
      And the creek really is wonderful! When I found this quiet little spot a few weeks ago, I was blown away =)

    1. aw thanks Sophie! Yea I love this creek a lot – I grew up very nearby. And I’m really happy with how the jam turned out. It was my first time adding apples to blackberry jam, but I’m glad I did. I had it again for breakfast this morning 🙂

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