Fresh Huckleberry Applesauce

I’m pretty sure I feel the autumn coming on now, and before berry season ends I went out one last time to gather up the last of the huckleberries. So, for this morning’s breakfast I had huckleberry applesauce with some delicious twelve grain bagels! I really like how it turned out – I think it looks kinda neat (:


7 thoughts on “Fresh Huckleberry Applesauce

    1. haha I thought all huckleberries were red until I did a Google search on them a couple days ago and discovered that huckleberries are actually dark colored? I freaked for a bit coz I thought that I’d been eating the wrong berries all along, but it turns out that the huckleberries here on the west coast of North America are the red kind lol

    1. Yeah they’re pretty great! Only problem is that they’re so small that it’s super hard to pick a good amount because I keep dropping them and losing them somewhere in the bushes ahahaha

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