Champion of All Sandwiches

I have had a lot of sandwiches…but I can never get over these guys. Avocado on pumpernickel, loaded up with all the toppings. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

On the base, there’s a sort of coleslaw I made out of shredded cabbage and hummus, and I topped that with tomato, cucumber, avocado, and a little red onion. Heaven!


8 thoughts on “Champion of All Sandwiches

  1. And I really had to Google “pumpernickel”! Pump-what? 😀 Turns out I’ve had that kind of bread I just didn’t know it had that supercool name! I had almost the same sandwich maybe two days ago. Only I had a full on guacamole instead of just the plain avos 😀

    1. Yeah I love the name ‘pumpernickel’! I’m pretty sure it makes the bread taste better XD
      And lucky you! I’ll bet guacamole makes a really really good sandwich

    1. haha yeah I’m getting pretty hooked, too! Especially with this bakery that I just discovered nearby that makes the most delicious breads…it’s a pretty good excuse for all the sandwiches I’ve been making lately lol =D

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