Heavenly Minty Hot Cocoa…from the garden!

I am absolutely in love with this new drink that I tried out yesterday! It’s so rich and soothing – I’m probably going to be all over it in the winter, but it’s also pretty perfect for right now as a bit of a summer thunderstorm seems to be sweeping by.

What I did is I picked some fresh peppermint and spearmint from the garden and then steeped them in hot water. If it’s for a regular mint tea, I would leave them in there for just a few minutes, but for this drink, I actually let them steep in a thermos mug for an hour to get the flavour nice and strong.

Then, I heated up some soy milk and made half a cup of a very light hot cocoa drink (about a quarter as mild as I would normally make it), and then topped up the glass with the hot mint tea. Try it!! It’s insanely delicious!


14 thoughts on “Heavenly Minty Hot Cocoa…from the garden!

    1. Thanks 😀 I had like three glasses of this yesterday haha
      I’m going to try it with a bit of coffee this morning instead of cocoa, I’m guessing that’s going to be really good too!

      1. You bet! Meanwhile, I’ll try to see if I can get me some mint tomorrow 🙂 If the day doesn’t get to hectic. 😛 Cheers!

    1. wow thanks!! That makes me so happy haha 😀 I always try so hard to get a good photo, so if I ever actually succeed I’m absolutely over the moon! lol

    1. Thanks 😀 I’m glad you like it! It’s such a smooth and calming drink, I’m really looking forward to enjoying it one cold winter evening =P

    1. It is! You’ve gotta try it!! Honestly, I got way too excited after I tried my first cup hahaha =P Can’t believe how delicious it is.

    1. Oh my gosh, yeah they’ll love it! I’ve also tried making it with black tea instead of cocoa and that also comes out really great =P

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