Statistics, Cookies, and Fireworks

I just finished my final statistics exam – that means just a few more weeks and one exam left till I have all I need for graduation! I came home to a super nice surprise – a delivery of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from my brother! I broke one in half and was thrilled to discover that he’d actually put walnuts in, too. Best cookies ever (:

To make this day even more awesome,  today was the first day of the Celebration of Light – Vancouver’s annual musical fireworks competition. Apparently, about a million and a half people attend each year…and I think they were all there tonight, because the entire downtown core was packed!


8 thoughts on “Statistics, Cookies, and Fireworks

    1. Yeah, it really was! To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve had chocolate chip cookies in a long, long time so I was probably a little too excited about it haha XD

    1. Thanks Sophie! It’s a huge relief to be almost finished with school.
      …and believe me, I will be definitely be getting the recipe from him – I want to try making some more, too 😀

  1. Congrats on finishing your final exam, wooohooooooo!!!! Ahh, the fireworks are beautiful – I remember them last year and they were absolutely gorgeous, wish I could be in Van to see them this year – heading to BC in less than 2 weeks so I just missed them 😦 thanks for sharing the pictures!!

    1. Thanks!! It’s so great to have a little break from studying. Too bad that you’re missing the fireworks, but there will still be so many fun things going on here this summer =D I’m glad you’re coming back to BC, you’re definitely going to have an awesome time – we’re finally getting our summery weather 🙂

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