‘Anpan’ Bun with Sweet Red Bean Paste Filling

I just got one of these from the local bakery!

Anpan (a.k.a Red bean buns) have always been a favorite treat of mine. They’re very sweet and delicious, and the red bean paste filling tastes just like chocolate. Plus, if you can hunt down some that don’t have egg wash on them, they’re the perfect treat for vegans because the red beans are very nutritious.


10 thoughts on “‘Anpan’ Bun with Sweet Red Bean Paste Filling

      1. 😀 The ‘an’ part means ‘azuki’ and the ‘pan’ part means ‘bun’. Azuki is like what I posted about a couple times before:
        It’s a sweet paste or soup make out of red beans (a.k.a. Azuki beans). If you’ve never tried it, you have to! It’s so yummy and I really does taste a lot like chocolate. You can eat it as a soup, or inside a ball of mochi, or in this case (anpan) inside a bun 😀

      2. Owww yeaaah. I’m familiar with the “thing” 🙂 Though I haven’t tried it that way before and I definitely didn’t know it was called that. You were very helpful 😀

  1. In Brussels, there are a few Asian bakeries where I can buy them too! I love them! It is another flavour than we Belgians are used too but I love it!

    1. That’s so neat! You can get them over in Brussels too? I’m glad to hear that you like them, they’re soo yummy aren’t they! 🙂

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