Curried Tofu Strips and Karela for dinner

After a long day studying at the library, I came home prepared myself a nice big plate of chana curry and curried tofu strips!

I just mixed together some salsa and Indian spices, then added in the slices of 5-spice extra firm tofu and let it simmer on the stove. The tofu was pre-frozen to squeeze out any excess water and give it a nice firm texture. After a while, I added in the slices of karela (a.k.a. bitter melon). Yum!


7 thoughts on “Curried Tofu Strips and Karela for dinner

    1. haha to be honest, I usually just call it “bitter melon”, but I thought karela sounded nicer! =P
      And, it’s pretty unusual here, so I’m not really sure how people usually cook it. Is ampalaya common over where you are?

      1. Very, very common. It’s usually sauteed with eggs but I do mine with tofu or just plain with onions, garlic, bell peppers. Yummy all the same. I think the bitterness gives all the flavours. But some are super bitter too 😀

      2. yeah! they are really bitter aren’t they. it took me a bit to get used to it, but I used them in a few curries and I really like it now. I’ll bet sauteing with onions and garlic would be yummy, too! sounds great =)

  1. Bitter melon! I still cannot find a good way to eat it to avoid all the bitterness! Is there any good recipe you can recommend that deals with bitter melon?

    1. haha no I can’t! The bitterness is so strong, there really seems to be no way around it =P But, you know what? Turns out they’re really good for you and have a whole bunch of medicinal properties – they protect against diabetes and cancer and a whole bunch of other stuff. So, I’m just learning to like it! 😀

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