Homemade Tofu Jerky & Walnut Salad for Dinner

I made some strips of tofu jerky last night by simmering extra firm tofu with soy sauce and a mix of ginger and agave until they dried out. I pre-froze the tofu, which helped give it an extra chewy texture!

I enjoyed it with a bowl of brown GABA rice and some walnut salad with sesame dressing, sprinkled with black pepper.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Tofu Jerky & Walnut Salad for Dinner

  1. Looks good! Just wondering though… Did you use vegan honey substitute? Or was it regular honey? If you found some honey that’s vegan, please let me know! It’d be interesting! =]

    1. haha good question =P I actually use agave nectar now instead of honey – it doesn’t taste exactly the same, but it’s a great substitute. What I do is I have a jar of agave in the fridge mixed with chopped up ginger so that it’s all ready to go and I use scoops of it for Chinese style ginger-honey recipes and stir fried veggies. It tastes great!

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