Mint & Lemon Tea – fresh from the garden

I picked some mint & lemon balm from the garden this morning and brewed up a nice hot cup of tea!

I also thought I should get a few shots of the garden as it starts to come back to life. So, here’s what’s popping up so far:

…It’s taken a really long time, but I think the warm weather may finally be here!


10 thoughts on “Mint & Lemon Tea – fresh from the garden

    1. Thanks a lot! I loved all the pictures of your plants 😀 I wish I could grow things like that, but every time I try, they get eaten up by the deer!

      1. Luckily I am too high up for the deer but the birds eat any of the leafy greens and herbs! And the squirrels just like to run around and dig in everything! They have the whole world to live in by have to bother MY little balcony!!

      2. hahaha that is too funny! It’s a constant battle with all the critters isn’t it! But, I guess that’s half the fun of gardening 🙂

  1. I make your tea all the time depending what is growing in my garden to use for fresh tea! I love your pink georgous flowers a lot! 🙂 thanks for sharing with us & have a great weekend, my friend! 🙂

  2. Just the feeling of picking it up from the ground and taking it must’ve been something 🙂 I’m big advocate of technology, except when it started to manufacture our food!!!

    1. haha absolutely, good point! who wants that creepy stuff =P
      but yeah, I do love the feeling of eating foods that I’ve grown in the garden – it’s very rewarding 😀

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