Gotta Love Indian Food!

So I checked out a new Indian restaurant that opened up in my building the other day…and I actually remembered to take pictures this time!

Aaaand because they’re still in their grand opening phase, they gave me a bonus gulab jamun for dessert! They’re like little doughnuts floating in cardamom and rosewater syrup. One of my favorites!


13 thoughts on “Gotta Love Indian Food!

    1. lol! I know what you mean, I can’t believe some of the foods I used to hate! …which I eat like non-stop everyday now =P

  1. We made tofu and peas makhani last night… saag with mushrooms for Sunday… yes, Indian food is the shiznit.

    1. oh wow you made saag? I haven’t tried that yet, though I often end up buying it haha. I gotta go find out how to make some!

  2. yum! I absolutely LOVE indian food! I can literally eat it all week. I plan on making some Chana Saag sometime this week lol

    1. hahaha well giving you a bowl of curry without some fresh toasty naan bread would’ve been just cruel 😀

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