Sukiyaki…or Vegan Veggie-Yaki!

So, this is what I’ve been having for dinner the last couple of nights:

…well, about four or five bowls of this to be exact haha (:

Before going vegan, I really enjoyed having a big pot of sukiyaki with friends and family – one of my favorite treats growing up. But, a big part of that is beef, so we’ve been modifying this time with veggie-yaki!

I start off by going to the market and getting any of the freshest looking seasonal vegetables. This time, I got nappa cabbage, portobello  mushrooms, asparagus, carrots, sweet onions, kombu, and tofu. Then, I slice them all up and put them on a big tray.

I set a big hotplate the centre of the dinner table and cook up a miso broth, then add in some veggies…and pour in a bunch of sake (yup, the Japanese rice wine! sooo good!).

Then, we all sit around and talk and eat, and keep adding in more veggies from the tray as we eat. Good times (:  And, a really easy, delicious way to fill up on healthy foods!

It’s also always a great idea to have condiments like soy sauce and tōgarashi (Japanese chili spice mix) at the table so that everyone can add their preferred flavour to each bowl.


6 thoughts on “Sukiyaki…or Vegan Veggie-Yaki!

    1. Yup, when I can’t get my hands on good fresh mushrooms I love to use dried shiitake, and I use dried matsutake (pine mushrooms), too 🙂

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