More Daikon! – Delicious rice topping

So this is a bit of a continuation from my last post on daikon. I wrote about how I cut the daikon in nice thick slices and cook it with daikon…but there’s more!

So, before I slice the daikon up, I actually wash it really thoroughly and peel it with a knife. I peel off the outer layer generously thick because I use it for a separate dish: I slice it all up into strips and simmer it in water and soy sauce for about 15 mins. I do this while the round slices of daikon are cooking with the kombu in the big pot. Once the kombu is done, I take it out, cut it into strips, and mix it in with the daikon skin. This makes a really delicious topping for rice!

I also like to tie the kombu in big knots and eat it with the daikon slices!


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