There’s daikon in my daikon

I came across a daikon (Japanese radish) in the market today and it was so fresh and perfect that I had to get it! But I’m going away for a few days so I knew I’d have to finish it all today, so I got creative (:

Tonight’s dinner:

– Salad with slices of raw daikon

– Cooked daikon topping for my rice

– Thick slices of daikon cooked with kombu (seaweed) & bundles of konjaku 

I like to put a big sheet of kombu over top of the daikon slices when I cook them – it acts as an extra lid to keep the heat in, not to mention the wonderful flavour!


11 thoughts on “There’s daikon in my daikon

  1. They always have gorgeous daikon at my farmer’s market and I can never think of anything to do with it except make raw sushi “rice”. THANK YOU!

    1. yay! Glad I could help (: Yeah, my favorite thing to do with daikon is to cut it in big slices and simmer it in a soy sauce broth with carrots, kombu, tofu, and konjaku!

  2. Daikon and konnyaku – two of my favoriite things to cook together. I like the idea of putting the kombu on top, but do you use the kombu afterward?

    1. Hi! So sorry I took so long to respond to your comment! I knew I was going to make a post on what I end up doing with the kombu, but I didn’t know I would take so long to get around to it haha
      Hope you’ll check out my latest post describing what happens to the kombu once it’s done cooking! 😀

  3. I’ve never used daikon before, though I’ve had it at when I’ve eaten out. Totally inspired to try it at home! What do I need to know when choosing daikon at the market?

    1. You know what, I just keep checking the daikon every time I go to the market and just grab one whenever they look clean and white and fresh. When they’re old, you can tell because they’re not plump anymore and they’re not that nice pure white; they get a little brownish and dry looking.
      Hope you do try them out! I just had some again for dinner tonight haha, they’re great 😀

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