Homemade Oat Flour

So, another thing I’ve been up to lately is I’ve tried making my own oat flour! Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, because it’s super easy and really useful.

All I need is my vitamix, and it takes like 15 seconds (:

…made a whole bag full!


12 thoughts on “Homemade Oat Flour

  1. This may be a really silly question, but I am really new to this. Can you replace ‘normal flour’ with oat flour in just about any recipe, or are there certain rules and tips when to use oat flour, millet flour, whatever the heck else flours are out there? Looking at all the flour options is getting WAY too confusing for me, but we finally ran out of the “regular flour” my bf bought a long time ago, and I want to start using better alternatives, finally.

    1. Good question, I’d been wondering the same thing myself and I pretty much found out the answer by experimenting with different flours and learning by trial and error!
      The short answer is that if you just replace oat flour with regular wheat flour, the end product will be very different.
      Oat flour tends to make things really gooey. Millet flour makes things very dry and thick, like corn flour. I made bread with it, and it was like very dense scones. A lot of flours other than normal wheat flour don’t have gluten, and I think that gluten is what helps form air pockets and give baked goods that spongy, fluffy texture. So, things I make with oat/millet/rice/pearl barley flour come out a lot denser and heavier.
      When I replace wheat flour with some other kind of flour, it always comes out very different…but very tasty in its own unique way 🙂

      Making the switch to healthier flours is an awesome idea, but it will definitely take some experimenting before you find a combination you’re happy with.

      I think this site is really helpful in showing you how you can combine different flours to substitute for white wheat flour: http://www.healthy-recipes-for-your-family.com/flour-substitutes.html

      …Sorry for the long answer! Hope it helps 😀

  2. Thanks! It is actually super helpful! Experimenting is fine by me, that is half the fun, but it is nice to have at least SOME sort of idea of what I am trying to do. 😛

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