Japanese Oden for dinner! – (vegan)

Cooked up some yummy Japanese oden for dinner tonight!

For oden, what I do is cook up a clear mild soup stock (often soy-flavoured), and simmer chunks of vegetables and other goodies in it.

Typical ingredients are: daikon, kombu (type of seaweed), carrots, and cabbage rolls. The other ingredients you see in my dish here are tofu balls, konjaku noodles, and slices of konjaku.

Oden sounds a bit like hotpot, but it’s a little different in that the foods in oden are in big chunks and simmered lightly so that they keep their shape and do not mix into the clear broth. Also, oden is served in individual portions rather than in a big communal pot.

I absolutely looove oden because it’s satisfying, filling, delicious, and nothing but healthy!!

I served this up with a piping hot vegan steamed bun (:


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