Vegan Snackage (Day 2):Blueberry Flax & Hemp Cereal

One of my favorite really quick little snacks is blueberry flax and hemp seeds, topped with a little fruit or nuts. And then I just pour soy milk over top of this. Might sound a bit strange (not sure if this is how other people eat their flax and hemp seeds), but it really is delicious!


9 thoughts on “Vegan Snackage (Day 2):Blueberry Flax & Hemp Cereal

    1. Thanks! 😀
      Btw, I was shopping for tea yesterday and happened to see the very same can of matcha that I gave you an online link for the other day, and it was unusually cheap at $6.79! I recall the link I sent you was much pricier. So, if there’s a T&T Supermarket in your area, it’s worth a shot! I don’t know if there’s one nearby you, but I believe most cities in Canada have at least one or two.

      1. I’ll have a look around. T&T Supermarket doesn’t sound familiar. =0/ There’s a place I’m going to order some stuff from next week, and I believe they have organic matcha. *crossing my fingers*

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