Matcha Daifuku! – today’s new flavour <3

So, as promised, I did end up trying out some other variations of the daifuku.


This time, I actually added no sugar to the mochi part, and it was perfect! So, actually, if anyone wants to try out the recipe that I posted a few days ago, it turns out that leaving out the sweetener is totally fine (:

Other than that, it’s same as the previous recipe: 4 tbsp glutinous rice flour (mixed of course with a pinch of matcha powder), and juuust enough water to make it into a thick paste.

Provided you have already pre-made the azuki bean paste filling (I always have some on hand in the freezer), making a single serving of daifuku only takes about 5 minutes! …Probably less once I get a little more skilled at it 😀  (Actual microwave time is 10-15 seconds)

When I buy one large daifuku in the local stores, they tend to run at about $2 or more, so this is a real money-saver for me.

Following Japanese tradition, I enjoyed my daifuku along with some freshly whisked matcha tea.

The traditional tea ceremony has a tremendous significance in Japanese culture, and is valued for its relaxing & calming effects – a perfect break in our hectic schedules!

…Now back to writing my paper!


4 thoughts on “Matcha Daifuku! – today’s new flavour <3

    1. Sure thing 🙂
      This matcha is from a well-trusted area – it seems to be from a traditional tea plantation; well-known for good quality tea. There are a lot of matchas out there, but this is a pretty good one. Matcha can seem a little pricey, but one little tin stretches a looong way, as each serving only requires a tiny amount of powder.

      (and when I prepare it for drinking, I use one of these things

      But, matcha is actually pretty easy to find where I am – if not in the tea section, then in the international section. I’m surprised to hear it’s not as common where you are! ):
      Coffee shops like Blenz and Starbucks have even started carrying matcha (at least over here)! Hope you can find some 😀

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