My Favorite Quinoa Recipe

As I promised a long, long time ago…here’s how I prepare my quinoa!

To start with, I put it in the rice cooker in a half & half mixture of 1 cup quinoa, 1 cup sprouted beans (the sprouted beans give it so much more flavour).

Then, I chop up a whole bunch of veggies in small pieces:

  • red, green, yellow peppers
  • tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • sesame seed paste (i.e. tahini)
  • soy sauce
  • heaps and heaps of ground black pepper
  • I even put a little kombu in (super healthy, and a great flavouring…but totally optional)

I mix all the veggies up together, and when the quinoa is done cooking, I add it all in.

…And just before serving, I top it with a little hot sauce or hummus!

The rice cooker makes it nice and soft, and swells up a lot larger, too! I far prefer this over cooking quinoa on the stove, and I’ve tried a lot of quinoa recipes that use vinegar and oil, but I absolutely love the mild flavour that I get with this one!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Quinoa Recipe

  1. Yeah, it’s really useful! I love my little rice cooker – I use it not just for rice and quinoa, but lentils and porridge, and little things like that (:

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