Daifuku! Super-Treat for Vegans

Daifuku are an extremely popular traditional Japanese delicacy. There’s just nothing else like it!

They are the absolute perfect desert in that they’re vegan, use absolutely no added fat, they’re rich in protein, and they meet our amino acid requirements!

– For anyone who hasn’t tried them before, they have the most incredible gooey texture on the outside (similar to a marshmallow, but faaar gooier! …kind of like a cross between marshmallows & melted mozzarella). And on the inside, is azuki which is made from azuki beans, but it’s so sweet and delicious that I’ve had friends mistake it for chocolate! – I absolutely recommend them (:

But, here’s what I did:

First I make some azuki following the recipe I posted before – this is going to be the filling.

For the mochi (for one daifku), I use:

  • 3 tbsp glutenous rice flour
  • 1/4 tsp sugar (Optional. Also, I used brown sugar, that’s why the colouring is a little brown for this one)
  • pinch of salt
  • 5 tbsp hot water

-I put the ingredients in a bowl & mix together with a spoon.

-Then I add hot water and keep mixing it in until the mixture is soft, but still very thick and gooey…thinner than bread dough, but thicker than cake dough.

-Put it in the microwave on high for 30 seconds  – until the mixture juuust begins to rise (don’t overheat!)

-Then I take it out of the microwave and mix it with a spoon. Moving quickly while it’s still hot, I wet my hands with water and powder my hands with cornstarch, and place the dough on top of a plate with a small amount of cornstarch.

…and then just wrap it around 1 tbsp of anko!

It takes a bit of practice to get it right, as the dough is so very, very sticky…but I don’t even care because it’s just sooo good 😀

I used to buy them all the time…until I discovered a couple nights ago how incredibly easy they are to make! So, so happy 😀

I’m going to try out other ingredients, too. The traditional filling is azuki, but there are many variations such as chocolate or sesame paste filling, or mixing matcha in to the mochi layer…or maybe some banana! I’m not sure, but I’ll get creative and keep you all updated! (:

– I’m curious, has anyone else ever tried making (or eating!) daifuku?


9 thoughts on “Daifuku! Super-Treat for Vegans

    1. lol! I hope you do 😀
      I absolutely love traditional Japanese sweets because they’re almost always low in fat, oil, sugar, and all that stuff =P

    1. Dude…I totally commented on the wrong thing. My iPhone is acting wonky! What I mean to say on YOUR post is that I am totally loving your quick and easy recipes. I’ve had this before premade and packaged from the asian store but I can’t believe how easy it is to make! Where do you get glutinous rice flour?

      1. hahaha that’s hilarious haven’t had that happen before!
        But, thanks though!! I’m so glad you like my recipes! As for the glutinous rice flour, I usually get it at one of the many Asian supermarkets in my area. But, they do also sell the flour in the international section of most large grocery stores. It’s quite a common product (and easy on the wallet!). The one I usually get is just like the one you see here: http://www.ustrading.com/en/products/all/item.asp?itemid=55105.
        Even better, though (if you can manage to find it…) is a box of “mochiko” – I made a post on it earlier: https://ellesite.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/azuki-mochi-pudding/. But…it can sometimes be hard to find, so in that case, the bag of glutinous rice flour works just fine!

  1. Loving your blog! Can’t wait to try this recipe in particular; I buy it pre-made all the time but never realized it was so simple to make yourself

    1. Thanks so much!! Yea I can’t believe it’s so simple either, I was soo excited when I realized I could make them at home! Such a money-saver 😛 and healthy too!

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