Vegan Apple Crumble in 5 Mins!

If you liked the apple pie in 15 mins…how about apple crumble in 5 mins?  (:

This is so incredibly good, I can’t believe it’s not bad for you.

I sliced up an apple and heated it in the microwave until soft, then just mixed it up with a spoon – I use the yellow transparent variety because that’s what we grow on our tree back home and it gets particularly soft, but I think any apple that’s good for pie should work.

Then I mixed in some cinnamon, chai masala, and a tad of rice flour to thicken it up.

…And then I added on some granola & walnuts, plus a vegan pastry!  (if you don’t have granola, most breakfast cereals work great)

Eat it while it’s still hot 😀


4 thoughts on “Vegan Apple Crumble in 5 Mins!

  1. hey!! so glad you’re checking out my blog lol =P
    but yeah I knooow, I put cinnamon in everything haha, even just a mug of hot soy milk 😀 soo good
    …btw can you get soy milk as easily over there?

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