My Vegan Fried Egg…exposed!

Alright, so here’s the deal with the egg:

That’s right…it’s a pepper! 😀

I just trim it with a knife like so:

Then I find the biggest glass I have, turn it upside down, and press it through the tofu (extra firm, pressed tofu; sliced through the middle to make it thin).

Then, I just put the yolk and egg white in the pan and leave them there at medium heat for about 10-15 mins…and that’s really about it!

I love making these now, they’re so cute (:

They don’t taste like egg, but they’re surprisingly yummy in their own unique way. And the scraps from the trimmings of course never go to waste – I put them in the ojiya!


12 thoughts on “My Vegan Fried Egg…exposed!

    1. that’s so nice of you!! Thanks (:
      I really wanted to try making a fried egg after I saw pictures of the new Vegg haha 😛

  1. lol thanks!! The ingredients are so simple, but when it’s in this shape, somehow it just tastes so much better 😀

  2. aw thanks! I’m soo glad you like it!! yeah it really is cute to see a plate scattered with these ‘lil mini tofu eggs 😀

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