Vegan Apple Pie in 15 Mins!

Yup, the whole grain wraps are back…this time for dessert!

Before you say anything, I am fully aware that this is not technically “pie”, but I think it tastes even better! Not to mention it’s soo easy, fast, and most importantly – it’s healthy (:

What I did was thinly slice up an apple and wrap it in the tortilla, along with some chai spice, a teaspoon of brown sugar, and loads of cinnamon.

Then, I just let it sit on a non-stick pan at low heat for about 15 mins…the tortilla gets all crunchy…it’s just. so. gooood.

So anyways though, this was tonight’s desert 🙂


13 thoughts on “Vegan Apple Pie in 15 Mins!

  1. thanks!
    haha absolutely, I hope you do try it out (: That’s what I love about this – pretty much always have the ingredients on hand

    1. haha thanks 😀 I’m so, so pleased you like this! You all encouraged me to work on a new apple crumble idea now, so hopefully I’ll post about that tomorrow then!

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