A Whole Vegan Ham!

So, here’s that vegan ham that I said I’d post about!  – The one that I used in my pizza last night.

I’d been looking forward to getting it at one of those Taiwanese shops I keep talking about. They really do have some of the most amazing and unique vegan foods!

This ham is very versatile – I can use it in anything: ham sandwiches, stir fry, curry…or it’s delicious eaten strait as is!

I’ll post soon on some dishes I’ve made so far with this ham (:


3 thoughts on “A Whole Vegan Ham!

  1. Hm, I’ll have to check and see if there’s a Taiwanese grocery store near me. I know there’s a big Japanese market down the road, but I haven’t been looking for vegan meats there. I’ll have to check and see if they haven’t anything similar!

  2. Good idea, I hope you find something!!
    If there isn’t a Taiwanese store nearby, I’d say your next best bet would be to look for a Chinese market & asking for Buddhist or vegetarian food – has something to do with the dietary requirements of a particular practice of Buddhism in Taiwan, I believe.
    …haha this is turning into a long comment, but you gave me a great idea for a new post – check it out for more details!

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