Vegan Paneer Curry -Recipe!

Okay, so as requested, here’s the (kinda vague) recipe for my vegan paneer curry! I usually don’t even try posting recipes because all my cooking is spur-of-the-moment, experimental-type cooking…but here it is anyways (:


– I start out with mixed beans and soak them overnight (pretty much any beans/lentils work really well!)…I had about 4 cups of cooked beans

– Next day, cook them until soft

– Add dried onions & Indian spices (coriander, madras curry powder, garam masala), crushed chili, and a pinch of salt…I used about 1tsp of each spice

– Let the curry simmer for an hour

[I always eat some of it while it’s fresh, but it always tastes better a day or two later after the taste all soaks through]


Actually…I used the same tofu steaks that I posted about before, and put in my avocado pumpernickel sandwich =P

That works a lot better than chopping up tofu and putting it in the curry like I’ve tried on previous occasions, because tofu doesn’t really absorb the flavour when I do it that way.

After chopping up the tofu steaks, I put it in the pan for about 20 mins at low heat to brown the sides.


3 thoughts on “Vegan Paneer Curry -Recipe!

    1. Thanks a lot 😀
      I love making Japanese kare, but I don’t usually fry tofu for it because the kare cubes are already high in fat (to be healthy!).
      But, when I make these kinds of Indian curries, I never put in a drop of oil so I figure the fried tofu is okay (:

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