Mmm..Cashew Biryani & Tofu Meat Pie!

This is a good one! …Really good!


More Indian food! First, I just cooked up some brown rice. Then, I threw some chopped up peppers into a wok, added in 2 heaping tbsp of biryani spice (this can vary depending on how spicy you like it), and mixed the rice in along with baby spinach and cashew nuts.

I put on the lid and let this cook at low heat for a while so the taste would permeate all the way through (:

  <- biryani spice

Tofu meat pie:

I wanted to keep it healthy, so none of the pastry stuff – I used a whole grain tortilla instead. But it truly tastes incredible!

I first cooked up some tofu stakes, same way that I did for my tofu burgers.

Then, I wrapped them up in the tortillas and put it in the frying pan (no oil, just dry) at low heat, and returned to flip them every once in a while.

…All this plus some veggies and a little bowl of hummus ~yummy (:


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