Heavenly Vegan Veggie Buns

For a lot of my vegan needs, I’ve taken to shopping at stores that sell Taiwanese food. They sell really yummy, unique foods – and most of it is vegan!

I discovered these buns and they. are. heaaavenly!!

Sorry I’m not as amazing a chef as so many of the other vegan bloggers around, so I cheat a lot and buy ready-made food…but they’re so, so good that I wanted to share (:


4 thoughts on “Heavenly Vegan Veggie Buns

  1. Definitely! Later, I’m going to make a post on that stuff you see on the plate beside the bun there…vegan soy meat! So yummy, and it’s in pretty much every Taiwanese shop (:

  2. Yummy! I love learning about vegan goods that are out there b/c I don’t have that much time to cook and make elaborate things from scratch either…it’s all about the shortcuts 🙂 These buns look yummy! I’ve gotten a variation of these at the farmer’s market from time to time. Great snack on the go.

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