Birthday Matcha <3

Feels like I haven’t made a post in ages! But, now that my exams are finally over, I have so many amazing foods that I’ve really been wanting to post up here! For tonight though, I would like to share with you some pictures that I took on my birthday of my very traditional Japanese style tea time with matcha whisked up the old-fashioned way. This was perfect for calming my nerves and clearing my mind during all my exam stress!

(P.S. thanks Karen for the cute bowl!)

…together with some wonderful Japanese dango (sweet sticky rice mochi dumplings) in oshiruko (sweet red bean soup) for desert – such a treat =D


4 thoughts on “Birthday Matcha <3

  1. I love both of those bowls!! I have no freaking clue what nonsense you are talking about, I will just stay in my American bubble, but the bowls are awesome! 😀

  2. haha yea, aren’t they? Thanks so much! Lately I’ve really been getting into Japanese food because it tastes great but it’s all so healthy 🙂

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