Elle’s Vegan Tofu Burger!

Tonight I had my most favorite thing to eat in the world – tofu burgers!!

But not just any tofu burgers…this is my favorite recipe! I’ve made tofu burgers many times before by crumbling the tofu, mixing in ingredients, and then making them into patties, but the way I had them tonight requires much less hands-on preparation time:

Tonight, I just sliced up some pressed tofu and put them in a non-stick pan with soy sauce and some herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary, and a dash of nutmeg). One thing that I did different this time was that I poked little holes in the tofu so that the taste soaked all the way through! Then, I just left them there to simmer for a couple hours while I went off to study, returning to the stove to turn them every once in a while. Sooo delicious!!


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