Stuffed Peppers!

Tonight was my first try at mini stuffed peppers, and they were incredible! For stuffing, I used my favorite tofu scramble consisting of extra firm tofu mixed in with almond butter, salsa, Dijon mustard, soy sauce, and any herbs and spices I happen to have .

Here the peppers are, completely stuffed and ready to be cooked:

I added on top tons of freshly ground black pepper, red onions, strips of sweet tofu meat, and the tiniest drop of oil.

…and here’s the final product!

I’m so, so happy with this first try at stuffed peppers! I ate two, and there’s plenty of leftovers – plus, any left over tofu hash can be used for meatballs or as filling for whole grain tortillas along with some hummus and quinoa!


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Peppers!

  1. thanks!! =) I hadn’t really heard of stuffing mini peppers before either, but I came across the peppers in the store and they just looked so nice that I wanted to try and use them for something haha

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