Vegan Bento Box

I find that making a bento box for my university lunches is the best way to stay vegan since it’s not always easy to find vegan-friendly (and decently priced!) venues on campus. This one I actually made for my friend on her birthday, but at the very least I make sure I carry around baby carrots, sugar peas, nuts, and sometimes some pumpkin seed granola!

This particular bento box has two layers, and I tried to stay close to a traditional Japanese bento on this one, so it contains: umeboshi (pickled plum), inarizushi (fried tofu skin stuffed with brown GABA rice, hemp seeds, and chia seeds!), nori seaweed, mini bella mushrooms, broccolini, tofu, pickled beansprouts, veggie falafel, and a tiny bit of whole grain pasta…along with a manju (sticky black-rice ball filled with sesame seed paste) topped with kinako (roasted soy bean powder) for desert!


4 thoughts on “Vegan Bento Box

    1. lol karen =P I took the picture just before I took it to class that morning ^^
      Good idea though – I’m definitely going to post something on the inarizushi!

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